Plane Missing – Flight 370 – UFO – Was Flight 370 Abducted By A Mile Wide UFO?

Malaysia Plane Missing Flight 370 Huge UFOs Sighted in Malaysia Was Flight 370 Abducted By A Mile Wide UFO? Large UFO over Malaysia UFO Abducts Missing Plane…

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17 Responses to Plane Missing – Flight 370 – UFO – Was Flight 370 Abducted By A Mile Wide UFO?

  1. GJersey says:

    Boeing 777???

  2. Niki Northfell says:

    Nuts! Any aliens are demonic!!

  3. Shyann Lovingheart says:

    Sorry about my typos I’m using a cell phone and it’s not that great. Here’s
    one more Scripture to look over.

    Deuteronomy 3:11 For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of
    giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath
    of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four
    cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.

    Just do some research and see for yourself. ..

    God bless you all and I love you all very much…

    P.S. look for my first message if your not understanding this one. 

  4. Grant Sinclair says:

    Have you ever caught anything and put it in a cage or a pen, just because
    you could?
    There are many fascinating things ahead in our future.

  5. MegaTriumph1 says:

    Famous case of UFO and a plane that Vanished. It happened in Australia a
    young pilot vanished while on radio contact. I find flight 370 different
    because it had no contact. I feel this whole flight 370 maybe a hoax like
    sandy hook school shooting. Nobody’s talking a bout Russia now interesting
    about its timing.?

  6. SuperPureVision says:

    Watch this ufo does weapons test in chemtrail
    Breaking news ufo does weapons test in chemtrail

  7. Jacques Duval says:

    you guys you are are all idiots about all your theories, technologies of
    super power nations can easily hide a plane from any radars and satellite.
    Don’t you see that this is only a diversion strategies, diverting all the
    medias and all foolish people to one point so that they can make what they
    have to make ingonito. this plane has been forced, diverted and landed
    somewhere, occupant evacuated, leaving telephone and so on in the plane.
    they cannot explode the plane as satellite are watching. so what is the
    mobile? higly top secret info which was not supposed to reach destination
    onboard? someone who was involve in ukraine revolution inside? for sure
    someone inside or all inside have witness something that they should
    haven’t seen. they have not shoot the plane cause we would have known who
    did it.

  8. Marth says:

    Well, some new details. The suspected terrorists have been cleared, so no
    known terrorist attack or hijacking.

    Also, it’s litterally impossible for this plane to have vanished. Even if
    it’s on-board instruments went down, ground radar would have easily
    detected the plane even if they had no communication.

    The problem with this story, whatever explanation you throw at it be it
    logical or paranormal or extraterrestrial, nothing explains this story or
    what happened. You could say UFOs or a Bermuda Triangle effect. But,
    there’s no evidence to prove the latter or the former. It’s just baseless
    theories on both sides.

    This is the first story I’ve ever heard of where both a logical explanation
    or a paranormal explanation fail to explain anything. This is some wild

  9. Jagger Mabry says:

    or possibly theres another bermuda triangle

  10. Walter White says:

    I just do not understand how a plane just "disappears" It’s been 4 days and
    they haven’t found anything of the plane. I think it’s a possibility it has
    to deal with aliens/UFOs.

  11. corthew says:

    The more plausible answer is that it flew too high and accidentally escaped
    the earth’s gravitational pull. Its now flying toward the sun at over a
    million miles per second squared. unfortunately at that speed it will never
    be able to reach the sun due to time slowing down to the negative.
    If it ever manages to engage its space brakes, (copyright on file), it will
    exit the time vortex it has created at an as yet undetermined point in
    earths history.
    However, if it does not, we may be able to send a shuttle through the
    vortex and rescue them. Scientists are working on a plan at Nasa right now.
    Its really amazing stuff.
    Aliens? Lame. Time vortexes are way more cool dude.

  12. Maranwe says:

    This morning has been so entertaining, it is 10:30 in the morning here in
    germany. Love all the theories. Thanks for the work ;)

    Edit: Btw.. if you don’t know how far away the ufo is.. how can you tell
    how big it is? (real question, no offence. I totally respect anyones Ideas
    as long as no one gets hurt)

    Ohoh.. and I am sure the thing is still here… IF it is true that the
    phones are ringing.

  13. 888strummer says:

    Terror groups often do not make public their terror acts. Bin Laden and Al
    Qeada denied 9/11 for years. A hijacking makes sense, with the transponder
    turned off and plane landed in Vietnam

  14. Charles Walton says:

    Customize your message

  15. Justin says:

    Check this out. UFO seen in CNN clip during live coverage of flight 370 !

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